Flexible, opportunistic investment approach.

Why We Invest | How We Invest

Absolute Returns

  • Superior long-term risk-adjusted returns are priority number one.

Exceptional Management & Culture

  • Our experience has shown that companies with high-involvement management practices and outstanding corporate cultures subsequently attain better shareholder returns relative to their peers and the overall market.
  • EVC provides our investment team a platform to support and advocate for public companies that embody our core values. These companies tend to embrace:
    — Proper Incentive Structures
    — Empowered & Engaged Employees
    — Customer Focus
    — Fiduciary Duty

Rigorous Bottom-Up Research

  • Invest opportunistically in all market sizes, sectors, or asset classes.
  • Seek out securities or areas of the market that can be bought at meaningful discounts:
    — Advantaged Businesses
    — Exceptional Management & Culture
    — Strong Balance Sheets
    — Durable Competitive Advantages
  • Target individual opportunities with significant total return potential.
  • Build a focused, high conviction portfolio of 20-40 securities.
    We believe such a portfolio strikes an optimal balance between the benefits of diversification while retaining the power of stock selection.