Exceptional Management & Culture

Exceptional Management & Culture

Great management teams instill corporate cultures that emphasize motivating and rewarding employees, exceeding customer expectations, and generating industry leading value for shareholders.

Motivate and Reward the Workforce

Numerous studies have shown that high-involvement management practices are positively associated with employee morale, employee retention, and firm financial performance. One key to satisfying and motivating employees is to treat them like owners. This means empowering employees to make decisions and rewarding them via profit sharing, stock ownership, and other properly aligned incentives. We like to see incentives based on the profitability of the company. The more the company earns, the more its employees earn.

Deliver “Raving Fan” Customer Service

The best companies are obsessed with exceeding customer expectations. Satisfied customers aren’t enough. The best management teams understand they need “raving fans.”

Maximize Shareholder Value

We look for companies that understand their fiduciary duty to shareholders and take optimal actions with regard to reinvesting profits, making acquisitions, buying back stock, and paying dividends. The best companies are profitability focused, shareholder friendly, and opportunistic in their capital allocation decision making.

Measure Everything

The best management teams focus on doing the little things right. They measure key factors in their business including employee engagement, customer service, and productivity metrics. They often implement business strategies such as LEAN, 80/20, Six Sigma, and other continuous improvement programs.